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Drawing BOM Item Number does not match Balloon

Question asked by Chris Verderame on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2015 by Glenn Schroeder

I am working on an assembly drawing that contains 5 sub-assemblies. I want each sub-assembly to be a detail view with its own BOM. When I create the BOM, under the "Item Numbers" section, in the "Start at:" box, I enter the next numerical value after the last one from the previous detail view. The BOM displays the numbers correctly, but when I attach a balloon to a part, it doesn't display the correct number. It displays the default numbers, rather than using the "Start at:" numbers. I checked the properties and the BOM is correctly linked to the view.


What is especially confusing, is that when you select the balloon that is displaying the incorrect Item Number, looking at the "Balloon Settings" section, in the "Balloon Text" drop down menu, the Item Number is correct!  The properties for the balloon are correct, but what is being displayed is not. In the attached picture, I told the BOM to start at 16, which it did, but the balloon that is pointing to ALMC-C03, is displaying "1" event though you can see the properties on the left say that the Item Number is "16".


What could cause this error?