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Version of file, clarification needed

Discussion created by Tim Turpin on Aug 2, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2011 by Adrian Velazquez
Need clarification here.

Assy A created using parts X, Y, Z. All files (assy and parts) are checked in and are version stamped at 1/1.

Next check out Z, make modifications and check in Z. Z is now at 2/2.

Next look at Contains Tab for A. Shows the following structure:

A (1/1)
X (1/1)
Y (1/1)
Z (1/2)

Next Preview A. Preview shows parts at the above version.

Next Check A (only). Open A and you are prompted to rebuild assy. Regardless of selecting yes or no, assy A opens with Z at (2/2).

Why? A (1/1) is made with Z version 1 not 2. I understand that check out gets the latest version of the file but I did not check out Z thus I don't want its latest version. If A was not checked out and simply opened as read only it gets the desired results.

Local cache was cleared, Get Latest Version not set in Admin and was not selected for any part. Did not select Get version for Z.

Note: In all actuality, chances are I do actually want the latest version. However, if I want to check out the assy with the parts at the version when assy was created, it is difficult to get those results.

Your thoughts and clarifications are appreciated.

Thanks, Tim...