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    Chris Hill

      I am totally new to this and i have looked online and watched a dozen youtube vids but I can not seem to grasp how to for a cavity mold for this.


      I have been ask to make a matchplate for a sandcasting on a 24" x 24" plate.

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          JOHN GEORGE


          You could make the split in different ways

          Make a zero offset surface of both core and cavity side of the part (wothout the minor groove feature and blend), extend upto the common parting surface level. Create a parting surface (same level of the flat face).

          Create mold tools folder and place there.

          Create a sketch for the outer size and do a tooling split

          or you can use the mold tools to make these parting line, parting surfaces and continue with the split (need to modify both core/cavity surfaces using surface tools)


          I think this is fairly a simple part to split