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    Issues after mesh refinement

    Sebastian Mehl

      It seems that I have a problem with my mesh/geometry. The Simulation is running without problems until the mesh gets refined. After (or while, not sure about that) the refinement the simulation crashes with a “solver abnormally terminated” message. When I change the level of refinement from 3 to 2 it runs without problems.


      Does this mean that I have some small gaps or other geometry issues? The geometry check was ok.

      What else could be the reason for the crash?



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          VENKATESH S.

          Could you post some of images.

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            Janko Stellaard

            According to the knowledge base:


            You will get an Solver Abnormally Terminated error message when the solver fails to find a

            solution to the problem.


            There are three typical causes for the solver to fail at that point:

            ● Geometry/Mesh

            ● Material properties

            ● Boundary conditions

            In addition to the above, you should take into account:

            ● Any warning message displayed in the Info dialog box of the Flow Simulation Solver window.

            ● The results found just before the solver termination.


            Are there any warning messages displayed in the solver menu? And do you see something in the results?


            There is an article dedicated to this error message and i have attached it to this message.


            Janko Stellaard

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                Sebastian Mehl

                It seems that I have fixed my problem. I was a bit lazy when I cleaned the geometry, so there were some small holes and gaps left. In the beginning this was no problem, but I think during the refinement some cells were modified. (Maybe some cells in a small gap with no flow were coarsened too much?) At some point of the refinement, the simulation crashed. There were no warnings and the results before the solver termination were ok.


                The solution was to clean the geometry very carefully and close all unnecessary small gaps, especially gaps that lead to “dead volumes” behind some parts. After that, everything works fine.


                Thanks for your help