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How to export SolidWorks BOM include selected Assembly & its custom properties in Excel with Detail Numbering?

Question asked by Ken Foong on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by Ben Howard

I found SolidWorks CAD has a limitation that couldn't export a BOM include the selected top level assembly in the BOM plus its custom properties.

I have difficulty to create the BOM manually everytime since the level affect on the item number.


For instance

Current BOM structure

Header 1Header 2Header 3
Item NoDescQty
1.0sub-part A1
2.0sub-assem A1
2.1sub-assem A part 12
2.2sub-assem A part 21
3.0sub-part B5


Desired BOM structure


Header 2Header 3
Item NoDescQty
1.0Main Assembly1
1.1.0sub-part A1
1.2.0sub-assem A1
1.2.1sub-assem A part 12
1.2.2sub-assem A part 21
1.3.0sub-part B5