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Changing the default description on the design tree?

Question asked by Greg Raymond on Aug 3, 2015

Good morning. I have been looking all over the place on how to change the default description on the design tree when doing a hole wizard hole, but can't find it anywhere. Can someone help me out please?


As an example, lets say I want to change the "CBORE for 1 DOWEL SF1" to say "For 1mm SF Dowel". And to do this every time I use the hole wizard to put in a 1" SF dowel, by default. I know you can right click and rename it manually, but I plan on using the hole callout on the drawing sheet to automate the process a little bit. And the hole callout uses whatever the design tree says; the "<hw-descrp>" formula in the calloutformat.txt file.


And we usually only do holes in the hole wizard, so I'm not worried about cutting dowel holes using a cut-extrude and missing it.




Thanks for any help in advance.