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    Getting blocks in the sheet format to link to part file custom properties

    Greg Welch

      Our company's normal practice is to have the title block of a drawing filled out though custom properties in the part or assembly that has been inserted into the drawing.  We have a customer who requires that we convert our drawings into AutoCAD drawings, and that the title block still be a working block.  They gave us their AutoCAD templates, which includes the title block with attributes, to start with, and I can convert them into SolidWorks templates easy enough, but I here's the problem:  If I leave the title block as a SolidWorks block, I can't get it to link to the part custom properties.  Or more precisely, I can enter the custom property link, and it will show up properly as long as I'm editing the block, but once I stop editing the block and go back to the drawing, the text just disappears.   Of course, I could explode the block, but then when I save it as an AutoCAD drawing, the block becomes just dumb lines and text.  Any suggestions?