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    Thickening Surfaces

    Connor McGuigan

      I am trying to thicken the body of the attached part by at least 4mm. The direction of the thickening is not important it could even be 2 in each direction. I cant figure out what it is that is preventing the feature from working. I have tried altering the curves but had no success. Ideally I am looking to mirror the part and then thicken it but at this stage just to know the issues that's preventing the thicken would be helpful


      Thanks for any help

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          John Stoltzfus

          Your first Surface Feature is where you have your issues, without seeing where it is offset from - kind of difficult to diagnose - for starters I would eliminate the fillet and add them after you thicken the part.

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            Mike Price

            John is right.  I would post the part, but I am running SW 2014 and you have an earlier version.  Please keep in mind that all of these steps took about 3-4 minutes to perform.


            So, here is what you want to do.  You know that you have a 3mm radius around your window, so that will cause you some problems if you thicken it 4mm towards the center of the part.


            8-3-2015 12-14-01 PM.jpg


            So then you want to see where you can go ahead and thicken.  I created a zero offset surface from your existing surfaces.  I was able to thicken that towards the center of the part by 4mm.    However, I couldn't get beyond .5mm thickening to the outside.  Because you don't care which direction, I didn't investigate further why it wouldn't thicken towards the outside.....


            8-3-2015 12-16-17 PM.jpg


            Now that I know that it will thicken, I am pretty confident that the window will thicken too, but I have to remove the radius first.  Since delete face doesn't work, I can go ahead and create some additional surfaces using the ruled surface command.  First though, I have to offset the window for a zero offset.


            8-3-2015 12-22-51 PM.jpg


            Then I create a ruled surface that is perpendicular to the window that is 4mm, then extend the cut out area of the main surface by 4mm (4mm just to make sure they both overlap)


            8-3-2015 12-24-26 PM.jpg


            Now just do a mutual trim of the surfaces, selecting the surfaces you want to keep (or remove)


            8-3-2015 12-25-40 PM.jpg


            Then thicken towards the inside by 4mm.


            8-3-2015 12-26-28 PM.jpg


            Then, like John said, go back in and add your fillets.


            This is "a way", not "the way", so others may have a better approach.

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              Ingvar Magnusson

              Or, cap it and shell it.


              Edit: SW 2013 file attached



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                Connor McGuigan

                I went ahead with the shell feature had a few problems with the mirror but managed to get it to work. Thanks for the help!