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2 WPDM vault in 1 and export to a new EPDM or WPDM vault.

Question asked by Test Test on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by Matthew aDAMS


Current situation

Let me explain I have 2 Vault Workgroup PDM (650GB and 200GB). On 2 different physical servers. I’ve an EPDM virtual server that is empty (SQL ARCHIVE + on the same server). And I have 2 users.


Ideal solution

1 EPDM server to a new server with 2 vault. 1 vault for new projects and another vault for 850GB (650 + 200).


2nd solution

1 EPDM and one Workgroup PDM (850GB) on the same server


the worst solutions

2 servers: EPDM server and Workgroup PDM server (850GB)



The first target seems to me to be a bit tricky because it requires converting 1 vault WPDM (850GB) to an EPDM vault.


I would go on the 2 nd solution

I know there are tools such as PDMWEXPORT and PDMWIMPORT Is this reliable tool for large volumes.

The operation will be:

Export 250GB from one vault import to the other then export the 850GB and import to the the new EPDM/WPDM server?

There is a size limit for the import and export? I must divide the 250GB in 10GB part or less or I can export 250GB or 850GB in one time? (size limit?)


If I make running EPDM and WPDM on the same server (E5-2630 16GB) can I have resources problem? (slowness, access time ...)


The tool update reference can help to transfer manually assembly by assembly  from WPDM to EPDM


Schedule Question


Is it possible to convert my vault WPDM 850GB vault EPDM?


It is not possible to run 2 vault Workgroup PDM on the same server. 1 = 1 WPDM server right?


lots of question sorry i'm new in EPDM