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    Build extrudes and surfaces from sketch

    Miha Zagar

      I have the following task to achieve:


      1. I start with sketch with many sketch regions.

      2. I extrude some of the regions with a loop through all sketch regions.

      3. I loop through the regions again and build surface lofts above sketch regions that are in between extrudes from step 2, connecting the upper extrude edges.

      4. I surface extend the surfaces from step 3.

      5. I extrude the in between sketch regions up to the surfaces from step 4.


      I have a problem looping through the sketch regions after I create the surface in step 3.


      This is the loop :


              For i = LBound(vSkRegions) To UBound(vSkRegions)
                  Set skRegion = vSkRegions(i)


      The reference to the vSkRegions gets broken after I do the surface in the step 3.


      I can't find the reason why this happens. Here are some functions I suspect are the cause:


      swModel.ClearSelection2 (True)
      swModel.InsertLoftRefSurface2 False, False, False, 1, 2, 2
      Set swFeature = swFeatureMgr.GetFeatures(True)(swFeatureMgr.GetFeatureCount(True) - 1)
      myLoftSurEdges = mySurBody.GetEdges()
      swModel.InsertExtendSurface False, 0, 0.001


      Here are the pictures of what I have to do: