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toolbox error

Discussion created by kevin johnson on Aug 1, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2007 by 1-71SUYO
using smart fastener, i get the following error 'unable to open part file " Z:\prt\...\bms_4-40
ph.sldprt' then after closing that i get 'unable to setup valid speciications for part number ID 'AI_Bolts_and_Screws_BMS_4-40PH_00010443_PN' from source table "AI_type_BS"

we are using last rev of SW6, we recently changed file structure on a new network, so the 'z:\prt\..' no longer exsists, but i cant find anywhere to redirect it. i tried the toolbox 'brouser config' and the 'add my parts' but to no avail. can anyone help?