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    Lenovo X250 Suitable for SolidWorks?

    Corey Briffa

      Hi All,


      I've an upcoming university course specifically on drawing with SolidWorks. I need to purchase a new laptop and want to ensure it can handle the requirements of Solidworks with consideration toward what the course will cover. I have read and note the system requirements on this website. I'm not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to IT systems and thus seeking reassurance that the laptop below will be OK or advise on other products to select. The use of SolidWorks for the course will be the limit of my interaction with the software.


      I have also found via this website that the Graphics card below is not 'Certified' with the latest Intel card being HD P4600. I assume the latest version (5500) simply has been tested and therefore not listed?


      Extract of the course objective: "In this unit you will learn to use the computer aided design software SolidWorks to create: 3D solid models of parts, engineering drawings to define shape and size, photo-renderings to display your designs and motion animations to show how a mechanism works. At the end of the unit you will sit the online Certified SolidWorks Associate test."


      I'm considering:


      Lenovo ThinkPad  X250 Ultrabook

      Intel i5-5300U (3M Cache, 2.90 GHz)

      Windows 8.1 64-bit

      12.5inch FHD 1920 x 1080

      RAM 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3L

      Intel HD Graphics 5500

      180GB SSD


      Appreciate any thoughts to assist with this decision. Many Thanks, Corey.

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          Ryan Enos

          Yes this is suitable,


          I have a ThinkPad X201 tablet as a secondary laptop,

          i5 520um 3M cache 1.07 GHz max 1.87GHz

          Windows 7 32 bit

          3GB RAM

          Intel HD graphics 166mhz 1273mb memory (yours would be better)

          250GB HDD


          I have solidworks 2013 on this computer since 2015 doesnt have 32 bit version, but im gonna expand to 8gb ram and clean install 7 64bit then ill put 2015 on here.


          I have been able to model on here fine and even do somewhat intensive simulations.

          Even with only 3gb ram the resource monitor stays green.


          The only problem i have had is the dynamic highlight, which can be disabled in graphic view but it insists on doing it when selecting things

          for a feature, it will trace the edge of the selection and highlight it, and if its complex it will take a few painstaking seconds to finish tracing it,

          but that probably wont be a problem for you since your intel graphics will be newer

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            Jeff Mirisola

            When using an non-certified graphics card, results can be widely varied. While Ryan hasn't experienced any issues, you may find the opposite to be true. You might want to look at the Dell factory outlet site for good deals on mobile workstations: Dell Factory Outlet