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Creating arc with radius and degrees

Question asked by Joshua Linsky on Jul 31, 2015

I am trying to make a macro that reads a set of instructions from an excel spreadsheet and then turns that into a series of lines and arcs. For example, I have instructions specifying a turning radius to use for all curves, then I specify I want a line (for instance) 5" long, then a curve that's 90 degrees, then another line that's 4" long. I keep running into problems with the createTangentArc function. I have formulas for x y and z ending points, but they only work for certain situations and they are very long trigonometric formulas. Is there any function that lets me just specify the radius of the arc, starting point, and number of degrees to travel through? I'm hesitant to attach the macro I currently have because its very long and the trigonometric formulas are very convoluted and a result of many hours of work to figure out, geometrically, what the ending points will be.