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    Remote mass option with more than two points of support

    Ivan Skachko

      SW help for remote mass option gives the following example: http://help.solidworks.com/2012/English/SolidWorks/cworks/c_Remote_Mass.htm. The engine, which is treated as a remote mass, is supported by a frame in two places. However SW simulation seems to generate some result even if the frame supports the engine in more than two places. How can such solution be generated, considering that there are more unknowns than equations, i.e. more than two forces vs 2 equations - one for total force, and one for total torque? Do I understand correctly that only mass distribution for the remote mass is factored in but not the deformations within it?

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          Andrei Popov

          That is a classic problem. How do you restrain a table with four legs? All you need is just three legs the fourth one is redundant and only one has to be fixed, if you fix the other two/three the problem becomes over constrained, the system of equations won't converge and you get an error message from Solidworks Simulation or any FEA software out there. So basically you need to reduce the restraints to give some degree of freedom. Same as what would you do with the engine in real life, that's why in the real life engines are installed on rubber mounts just to give this freedom of movement. The rubber mounts are like soft springs compared to the stiffness of the metal, so I think you can set some soft springs in Simulation:

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