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    Update multiple data cards at once

    Kirk Forgue

      I have several hundred CAD files and need to select the same radio button on each data card for all of them before they are released, is there a way to do this all at once or to automate the task?

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          Brian McEwen


          The radio button is linked to a variable. I think you can create a right-click Dispatch action to update it to a certain value.

          It would check-out, change variable... and it could check-in.  But be cautious with the check-out-in via Dispatch. (for version free variables you don't need to worry about check out or in)


          Make sure the this is off in the Reference Dialog (in Group Settings).

          Or at least understand and test it on an assembly for your situation.

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            Jeff Sweeney

            "Modify -> Update -> Values in Files..." May be an option?


            Temporarily put the variable on the folder card, set that variable to the correct value, update values in cards, then delete the variable off of the folder card.