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Dimensions aren't showing when lines are selected.

Question asked by Aaron J on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by John Stoltzfus


This is my first post on these forums, so hope this question is clear.


I've been working on something on and off for the past year, and most of the time, I haven't had any problems. Usually, I'll pull up my assembly, and when I want to make an adjustment to a sub-component, I'll just right click the component, open it up, and go from there. Well, one day, my whole body was missing, but my feature tree was still active. I ended up going online and figuring out what it was, and fixing it, but the part has never behaved the same. I'm mostly having minor display nuisances, but the major problem is when i try to dimension things, and it's propagated into my 2D drawings as well.


Here's the issue: When I select my "Start Dimension" tab, and go to select my lines I want to dimension, I can select one, but the second one doesn't highlight. I can select it, but I often don't know if it's selected. Also, typically, when two points are selected, the distance annotation hovers so you can select where you want the leader to be positioned, but it doesn't work for me. Instead, in order to see if I've even selected the lines I need, I have to click, which often puts my dimensions out in space somewhere, which a not-so-fun goose chase ensues. This is especially the case when I'm in my drawings. Often, once I've clicked,  and try to click-off to select something else, another instance of the dimension will appear (in this specific case in the drawings, you will notice that both these dimensions are clear off the page, but I clicked immediately to the right of the far line selected. See attach picture).


I came to the conclusion that my drawing is being dumb, and decided to start a new file, and re-draw my part. However, my problems are still happening. So, I've come to the conclusion that my part file is glitching out. I don't know how to fix it, other than starting the part over, which I reeeeally don't want to do. I figure there's a setting somewhere, or something isn't loading or processing right (like the hidden body problem mentioned above).


Is there anyone else who has had this problem and figured a solution or a workaround?