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MS Office & Windows explorer error for desktop join domain and installed SolidWorks

Question asked by Ben Lau on Jul 31, 2015



I got 2 computers using SolidWorks software which work properly before I let them join into domain of my network. After let them join domain, users will face problem that randomly application error for MS Office 2013 & Windows explorer. Ask my reseller and they say join domain will cause a lot problem for desktop that use SolidWorks and they recommend me to remove those desktop from domain but for security and easier manage, I just can not agree with their suggestion and I believe if this is problem between SolidWorks and Microsoft Domain then both SolidWorks and Microsoft should work out a solution for us. But since I cannot get solution form SolidWorks that I hope I can get solution from other users that maybe have similar situation with me who already got a work around for guide me. Thank.