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Parts disappearing from drawing!

Question asked by Steven Fraser on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by Erik Bilello

Hi guys,


I have a large assembly I'm making a set of detailed drawings for. I've started having parts disappear. They are still there as i can select faces, edges etc. but they wont show on the drawing. If i set the display style to wire-frame or either of the shaded options then it will show but i want it set to hidden lines. The 2 parts i have had this issue with are both sheet metal parts.

Disappearing Parts 1.jpg

Below is an image of the drawing I'd printed prior to the part disappearing.



I have tried:

- Rebuilding

- Opening the model/assembly part files

- Restarting Solidworks

- Moving the drawings on the sheet


The only thing that has worked is deleting the drawing and making it again.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance