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How do you show ONLY a sketch in a Solidworks Drawing

Question asked by Noah Thomlison on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by Glenn Schroeder

Hey guys so just curious if anyone knows how I should go about this. I was asked to figure out a distance between the front of two parts. Im going to explain the drawing/sketch that I did for this situation.


So it is pretty much 2 concentric circles, the first being 24" the second being 24 3/8", both radius, and I then drew a horizontal line from the centre to the outer circle. These represent a grate (the outer circle) and and the placement (inner circle). Now I added 2 lines on the horizontal line, both vertical, the first being 1.5" and the second being 2.5". These are the placement of anvils on the inner circle. I made the end point, not the ones on the horizontal line, coincident to the inner circle. This represents the placement of 2 different parts in 2 different configurations and needed to find the x distance between the points. After this was done I was told to print out a drawing of the whole thing with it dimensioned. I tried to make a drawing but nothing shows up because none of this is solid bodies but is all just a sketch. Any suggestions on what I should do or how can I show the sketch in the drawing?