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Beta releases

Question asked by Alan Thomason on Jul 31, 2015

Please excuse me if this sounds overly negative.  Overall, I am a big fan of SolidWorks, not only for the software but also for the enthusiastic and helpful community represented on this forum.


I find the handling of Beta releases however to be overly aggressive.  I am constantly being reminded on my computer that SW2016Beta2 is available.  It is also noticed up on the forum panel.  But for most users, they should not install it, and your VAR will say that as well after you've installed it and have issues.


The Beta releases should really only be installed by very experienced users who have some reason to explore the new offerings.  If you install it on your primary machine, you can have problems subsequently installing other releases.  So if you have issues the question will follow if you fully backed up your machine prior to the install or installed the Beta release on a spare hard-drive.  Having been involved in the production of other types of software, I am not usually keen to jump on board unless I am specifically part of the development process.  However, I was forced to upgrade to SW2015 when it was still Beta to follow a customer, and after having issues that was the advice I received.  I  doubt most users are really ready to hear that.


Anyway, a small matter in the overall scheme of things.  My appreciation to everything else the SW community offers.