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subweldment and balloons

Question asked by Daniel Houghton on Jul 30, 2015
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2 part question.


I have a weldment which i broke down into sub-weldments when, on the drawing i created a cutlist and the item numbers for the sub weldments are for example 1.5 , however when ballooned the weldment is showing it to only be item 1, it wont show 1.5 on that specific part.


I also have 2 sub-weldments that are identical but would like them grouped together i.e 2 off that part, so I created the 2 separate weldments and attempted to drag them together I cant seem to get it to work, either it turns into one big weldment or just doesn't move at all.  In my mind in the cut list I should be able to add a subweldment and it should have 2 folders in there for the 2 separate sub-weldments, is this possible do I attempt to do this in manual mode ? (using automatic at the moment)