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How do I get scale in title block to match scale of drawing ?

Question asked by Ronald Wood on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by Leon Wurr

Hello all. I am presently trying to get the "programmed" section under scale to match the actual scale of the drawing. Right now when I bring in a model the scale is "sheet scale", but if I scale the model up or down, the title block stays at "sheet scale".


For example, I bring in a model at 1:1, the title block shows "1:1" under scale, but if I change the model to 1:2, under "custom scale" to make model fit better, the title block stays at 1:1.

at the moment the "edit in text window" shows:


$PRP:"SW-Sheet Scale(Sheet Scale)"


I've tried


$PRP:"SW-View Scale"


but that doesn't work....any help ??