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Is it possible to use both a commercial (network) licence and student licence on the same laptop?

Question asked by Ken Hamer on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by Mark Kaiser

I'm currently enrolled part time in a series of AutoCAD courses at a nearby Technical Institute (well, I'm actually on summer break now, back to class in September.)  I have a student licence (received as part of the course materials) installed on my laptop, which I can take to class, home, the library, etc, to work on my assignments.


However, I'd like to also have access to our floating network licences at work when I'm doing actual work at my desk.  Right now I have the default program for all Solidworks files set to the eViewer, but that's not ideal.  eViewer is very limited compared to Solidworks, of course, but it's also a nuisance when I'm doing school work when I keep inadvertently starting eViewer.


Is it possible to switch between my student licence when I'm away from the office, and then back to a network licence (full commercial) when I'm at work?