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FEA testing of Stiffener Inserts

Question asked by J. B. on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by J. B.


I'm trying to test various materials to use as inserts to reinforce (stiffen) a plastic moulding, however I think I might be missing something as the results seem a bit variable.

The first picture shows the two parts, the reinforcement insert (in purple) and the plastic frame (in grey).

I've used  'fixed geometry' on a face (the one shown in green in the first image) and used the default 'global contact - bonded as the way of combining the two parts.


I applied the load to the face of the  insert (purple), and also to the outer face of some ribs on the moulding, using 'total force' (second image)

I also used the default mesh.


When I check the maximum deformation for various materials they don't seem to correspond to the materials relative stiffness ( re the elastic modulus value ).

Not sure if I'm missing something?