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    SolidWorks Thumbnails Graphics Do Not Display

    Luis Figueroa

      Hi, Everyone

      I have SolidWorks 2014


      And I can't see any thumbnails Graphics Display in my folders of Windows 7

      I try all the help in a few post but I can't see them.


      1. I mark the Option Show thumbnail graphics in Windows Explorer“ - Nothing Happend

      2. I attach the way my icons looks like

      3. I do this step regsvr32 sldwinshellextu.dll -

      4. Runing the regsvr32 sldwinshellextu.dll - Appears this error "0x80070005" and icons still the same

      5. Also when i Open Solid Appers this error - Could not load SolidWorks DLL: GdtAnalysisSupport.dll


      * Do you suggest to install the product again?


      Can someone please help


      Thanks a lot.

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          Martin Green

          Hi Luis,


          Please try the following:



          1. Locate this DLL on the machine. By default, the DLL is located in '%Program Files%\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks'

          2. Open an administrator Command Prompt

          3. Enter the text


          regsvr32 "<path to DLL>\sldthumbnailprovider.dll"


          4. Press Enter


          Hopefully this will work for you

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            Deepak Gupta

            Are you sure you unregistered it properly.

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              Simon Turner

              This is a known issue that was caused by a recent Microsoft update.

              Login to the customer portal and follow this link:



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                William Morton

                The issue with the Thumbnails is related to Associate file type.


                To correct the issue, please follow the steps below.


                - Start

                - Control Panel

                - Default Programs

                - Associated a file type or protocol with a program

                - Locate, SLDASM, SLDDRW, SLDPART

                - Make sure the current default program is Solidworks Launcher.

                If You have anything else (Solidworks 2015) Change the Program to Solidworks Launcher.


                All the best.

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                  Martin Green

                  The error message may be because you were not running the Command Prompt as Administrator.

                  To do this type CMD in the Windows search from the Start button, right click on the icon that appears at top of the list and select Run as Administrator.

                  In the command prompt window type:

                  CD ../..

                  then hit return

                  Now type:

                  Regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\sldthumbnailprovider.dll"

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                      Andrew Wright

                      Thanks for the input, Martin...


                      Run as administrator was the error - you are correct.  Interestingly, just being logged in with administrator privileges does not mean you're running that command line as administrator.  I figured this out yesterday before you had a chance to post, and wasn't able to log on here for some reason until today, so you beat me to it.


                      I'm going to post a couple more notes about what things look like in Windows 8.1, mostly because the previous posts on this are better suited for a somewhat experienced computer or IT person, rather than the many of us who have devolved back to Windows lemmings (letting it presumably do the work for us).

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                      Andrew Wright

                      For those of you using Window 8.1 - here are some screen shots of the 'command line' process of un-registering and [re]registering this .dll file, to help avoid any confusion.


                      A couple notes:  You may want to un-register and [re]register in at least 2 places that this file exists, just to cover your bases.  Also, the ctrl-c and ctrl-v (cut and paste key sequences) don't work in the 'Command Prompt' app, although right-clicking inside that app still gives you the cut, copy and paste options.  This is where it would be good to remember your old DOS moves, if you're old enough and dug that deep back in the good old days.


                      First start up the command prompt app by right-clicking the Windows 8.1 start flag, and specifically choosing "Command Prompt (Admin)".




                      My entire screen goes blank so the computer can ask me to "allow the following changes", because opening the command prompt app is kind of a big deal, I guess - or my security settings are too sensitive.  Anyway, mine defaults to the c:\WINDOWS\system32>, as shown below.  Yours might default to a different root directory, so just continue to the next step.  Don't mind the extra command line promps shown...I hit return a few times.




                      Next, find the location(s) where the .dll "sldwinshellextu.dll" exists - a full search of your c:\ drive should suffice.  Expect to see it in at least 2 instances, possibly 3 or 4.  Your File Explorer window will have the path chopped up in its command line, but a single left-click will convert it to a true command string, which you can then right-click to copy for placement in the command prompt app (so you don't have to type it).  The 'File Explorer' window shown behind has the "chopped" path, and the window in front shown after a single click in the command line, now ready to right-click or ctrl-c.  (You don't need to open two windows - I was just illustrating to show the appearance and the process).




                      Once you have the location(s), go back to your command prompt window and enter the "change directory" command to access the directory where your .dll is located.  The command, as you can see below, is [default path]>cd [location] - then hit return on your keyboard.  Your window will now show the updated path before the > prompt.  Again, I hit return a few times, so ignore the extra command line prompts with the new location.




                      Next type the command to un-register the .dll in that file location, remembering to hit return on your keyboard after the command is typed.  The small window shown should pop up, confirming that your un-registration was successful.




                      Last type the command to [re]register the .dll in that file location, once again remembering to hit return on your keyboard after the command is typed.  And again, this small window should pop up, confirming that your [re]registration was successful.




                      Repeat this process for other locations if your icons still don't show up.  I ended up doing it in 2 locations, and my system is fine now.


                      I hope this step-by-stey helps for Windows 8.1 users, and maybe previous or later versions...who ever knows?

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                        Luis Figueroa

                        Hi, everybody


                        I already solve the problem, It was an issue with Windows 7. I install the SolidWorks before updating Windows so this update created this issue.

                        So i need to put all the "*.DLL" library manually because that was the reason that i can be able to saw the Thumbnails

                        When i was doing this i need to cut the Antivirus firewall off.


                        So, Thanks a lot to everybody...

                        See ya!SW- THUMBNAILS.jpg