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    Changing a layer @ drawing level

    Ben Fisher

      Good Gentlemen.

      I have an issue that seems to be quite common amoungst my design team.

      We often like to do change the layers of parts that are not the focus of our drawing-"ghosting out", to highlight what we would like to highlight


      Now this is an easy concept to understand.

      please see attached



      >@ drawing level , select sub-assembly in tree and change layer


      now my issue is sometimes Solidworks decides it is going to change the layer but it does not reflect in the drawing space

      > my next solution would be then is to target the parts in the sub-assemblies and change the layer


      These two steps to achieve a layered part or assembly work the majority of the time; I am looking for a solution for when this does not work as it has been doing recently .


      Its very temperamental



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          Glenn Schroeder

          The only thing I can think of for when this happens would be to right-click on the part or sub-assembly in the tree and choose "Component Line Font..." from the drop-down.  That will take you to the dialog box shown below.  Un-check the box for "Use document defaults" at top left, and then you can change the settings for the selected component.  Be aware that if you leave "All views" selected at the bottom then whatever changes you make will affect all instances of the component in the drawing.  If you choose "From selection" instead then the changes will only affect the selected component.