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Move/Copy Command Align Bug

Question asked by Steen Winther on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2015 by Steen Winther

I believe there is a bug in the Move/Copy Command. Something has changed for the worse since SW2010:

When I use Move/Copy on a body and right-click on the center ball and choose 'Align to' a line that is NOT parallel to any of the major axes, the subsequent move works in mysterious ways. Dragging an arrow in a single direction will produce a movement in a composite direction - often opposite of the direction I drag the arrow. What on earth is going on?


SW2010 was fine

I don't remember seeing the issue in SW2011, SW2012 or SW2013 (educational versions) but I could be wrong.

SW2014 and SW2015 has this weird behaviour.


The fastest way to replicate the issue is to draw a 3-point rectangle at a random angle, extrude to a body, use Move/Copy and align to any edge and try to move the body in the expected direction....!