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    Global Variables not keeping there links.

    Kevin Richards

      I've been having trouble getting (in an assembly) Global variables holding there link to the equation files I created. It seems to break the link to the previous imported file every time I import another equation file. A advisory pops up but gives me no options other than to go back to editing or accept the break of the link. What am I doing wrong?

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          Vladimir Urazhdin


          I have the same problem with SW 2015 and have reported this issue to SolidWorks in June 2015.

          SolidWorks has confirmed this issue and has reported this issue to their development team as SPR 895813 (Changing the value of global variable equation in assembly does not update it on the part).

          Conclusion: switch back to SW 2014 (works fine with Global Variables) or wait until SW will be able to fix this issue.