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    lines on top of lines

    Dean Viviani
      When there are lines on top of lines, ie when sketching or importing autocad drawings or dxf's.

      Is it possible to delete or select the one underneath.

      In autocad you can scroll through the entities in the same location by holding down the ctrl key. Is that possible here, I have been trawling through the postings but I haven't come across anything.
        • lines on top of lines
          Anna Wood
          After selecting a line and doing a right mouse botton (RMB), invoke Select Other in the RMB menu that pops up. From there you should be able to cycle through the lines.

          • lines on top of lines
            Elizabeth S
            Something else I have used is to right click and select chain tochoose all the lines that are connected, then right click andinvert selection, which should highlight anything not connected.
            • lines on top of lines
              John Burrill
              if you've got AutoCAD 2000, then prior to importing your drawing into Solidworks run the Overkill express tool. This will remove duplicates, partial, duplicates, the whole nine-yards.
              I love this tool.
              Another good one is Mpedit, which will turn a selection set into closed polylines (if you supply the close option).
              Finally, move your drawing geometry to the origin. Solidworks doesn't read the insbase system variable.
              In short, take care of your drawings in AutoCAD before you import them into Solidworks
              Good luck