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Question asked by Alan Thomason on Jul 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by Itx Dani

Hello All...


I am trying to use scan data from existing parts with very little luck so far.  The first *.stl data file was produced using a light (laser) scanning faro arm.  The file is 57MBytes, 1.16milion faces.  I have tried importing directly into SolidWorks.  I can see it as a graphical entity but I need to make measurements so that I can mate parts to it.


I then tried using Scan to 3d (I have an up to date Premium license) it stalled, suggesting I import the file as a graphical entity.


I have also tried Meshlab.  The file opens and I can save it as a *.dxf but am then unable to import it into SolidWorks.


And able to see it again but not able to save it into any format.


Does anyone have any pointers?