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    ePDM Vault View Missing

    Aaron Godwin

      One of our users got a new computer and had all the SW and ePDM installed and now his Vault View is gone. He see's the folder with the correct name for the Vault but it's just a folder not the "Blueberry". Is there a quick way to resolve this or is it a reinstall?


      Thanks in advance...



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          Catalin Mocanu

          He can see the files from the cache of previous vault view in that folder. It is easy to restore the vault view. Delete this folder first and recreate the vault view. If you want to create the vault view over that folder, it will not work. If you already did this, you need to delete some registry keys to be able to restore the vault view

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            Ron Chappell


            The vault folder contains a file called "Desktop.ini" if this is deleted from the vault folder it will revert to a standard Windows folder. The file contains a unique ID that EPDM uses to identify it as the local vault view. The problem usually comes about when the user shows the hidden system files and deletes it, if you are lucky it will still reside in the recycle bin from which it can be restored and fix the problem.

            There is a method to fix the problem if you are unable to recover the file but that will need the intervention of your VAR.

            Something to be aware of if you recreate a new vault view if the user had files checked out they will appear to be checked out to the same PC but not be  found as the location is not correct (Unique ID of the vault folder).