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    Delayed update 2D drafting view

    William Li

      Hi All,


      Any one know how to set delayed update the 2d drafting view, means when I modify the 3d model or add some more shape on it, I don't want the orginal created 2d view to be updated in real time, is there one function to control that?


      For example the simple block 2d view below, I go back to modeling space and add one more cylinder, but I don't want the 2d drafting view updated in real time. I need delayed updated.



      Thank you in advanced.



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          Jamil Snead

          I notice if you click on the drawing at the top of the tree there is an option for "Automatic view update". I don't know for sure what it does but you could try unchecking it.


          There is also the option to save the drawing as a detached drawing, but I don't understand it because even when I do that the drawing still updates to show changes automatically. Also I am not sure how to "reattach" the drawing.