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I can't shut down Solidworks 2015 & 2D/3D Electrical

Question asked by Chok Hei Fung on Jul 28, 2015

Good day, I have been using Solidworks 2015 SP2.1 & Electrical 2D and 3D together for my projects at work.


In 3D mechanical environment, When I exit Solidworks with "X" on top right corner or File->Exit, the graphics disappears but task manager still shows it's running and taking a considerable amount of RAM (at least 700MB, usually 1GB+). When I re-open SW 3D, it will not open a new instance of SW, it will instead be stuck in the splash screen, showing "Starting SolidWorks". I need to "end process" in task Manager and then it will carry on. No Save File problem encountered.


This is especially troublesome as some updates done in Electrical Schematic can only be updated to 3D environment by shutting the 3D mechanical down and re-open it.


I've talked to my VAR and they say this is intentional, so that SW and SWE can run in background.


Anyone encounter this issue too?