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Odd behavior of the modify dimension dialog box

Question asked by Nativ Sarussi on Jul 28, 2015


I recently installed Solidworks 2012 SP3.0 x64bit running on Lenovo W520 with windows 7 pro x64 bit and i hace some bugs:


  1. Modify dialog box - I can not insert dimension in th XX.X+X or XX.XmmX format  (for example: 90+5 or 90mm5 should give me a 95mm dimension). as can be seen here:
  2. Save as - some times the "save as" button (in parts) just does nothing.
  3. No preview  - cant get a preview of the files in the "Open" dialog box or in Windows Explorer , even though the settings in solid works and in windows are correct.



Best regards,

Nativ Sarussi