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Crashing using Flow Simulation

Question asked by Evan Goldberg on Jul 27, 2015

Hello all,


Having some issues with Flow locking things up.


SW 2015 x 64 SP3.0

Flow Sim 2015


Computer is less than 2 months old.

Intel Xeon CPU EW-1241 v3 @ 3.5 GHz


NVIDIA Quadro K2200

Windows 8.1



I'm having an issue with Flow locking up SolidWorks before it's even able to analyze the model.  SW stops responding and just sits there.  If I click in SW at all, it asks to close it or wait for it to respond.  I've let it sit for hours without any advancement of the solver.  In Task Manager, SW stops responding but it's eating up about 15% of CPU and Memory at any given time without ever seeing anything happen.


Flow was working great for a couple of days and each solver was taking about 6-8 minutes depends on particular features.  Now it won't move forward at all, even if I dumb down the model some. 


Any ideas?