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Design Study Results Not Loading

Question asked by James Mulhern on Jul 27, 2015



I am having a problem with the results from my design study, here is a little background.  I ran a large study over the weekend and this morning I checked the progress and the system was locked up.  I could not even get into the task manager to shut down Solidworks.  I was forced to perform a hard reset on the computer and when I re-opened the file the results were not loading.  I checked with  file explorer and I can see the results from the cases that ran successfully, however Solidworks is not looking in the right location for the data.  My question is how do I tell Solidworks to look in the right folder for the design study results.  I ran for literally 37 hours, and I do not want that time to be wasted.  Any help on how to trick Solidworks into Looking in another file location would be a huge help.