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Export all part sketches to CAM processor

Question asked by Mike Sannikov on Jul 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by Mike Sannikov

I spend couple of hours trying to export all sketches of my part into vector format for CNC mill and fail this task.


In a nutshell: I want to mill a simple enclosure part with my friends 2.5D CNC mill. He used VCarve Pro as a CAM processor. So, all I need is to get all sketches of my part in a vector format (dxf, pdf, ai etc). First of all I've create drawing from my part, hide all solids and showed all sketches. But I can't save this files from drawings without all this construction lines, infinite length lines and other auxiliary stuff.


Ideally I want to get one DXF (1:1 scale) where every part's sketch placed on separate page (or layer) with universal anchor. I no need all construction lines and dimensions in this file. Is any common workflow for such simple task exists?


I'm really stuck with this. Google just gets me tons of topics on how to export 3D drawings or how to use drawings layers to "hide" unnecessary sketches.