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Pipe on Soil using Drucker Prager model in SolidWorks Non-linear

Question asked by Nikhil Phatak on Jul 26, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by Mike Armstrong

Dear Friends,


We want to simulate a condition where a Pipe of (1 Meter for now) is resting on the Soil.

We have the Soil properties that can be entered in Drucker Prager model of Solidworks Non-linear.

Our intention is to calculate the Soil sinkage(Or the displacement of a pipe in the soil due to Gravity loading)

Soil is modeled as a separate block.and pipe is resting on it.


Which boundary conditions shall we use in the Model???

Currently I am fixing the base of a Soil block and treating the system(Pipe and a Soil block) to be Bonded.

But I am getting Numerical difficulties while Solving.

I increased the convergence tolerance and reduced the time steps.But I got weird results.



Thanks in Advance.