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Same part in diffrent assembly BOM to show where used

Question asked by Mark Greenwell on Jul 27, 2015
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I am trying to figure out how I can create some sort of assembly BOM showing when a part is used in more than one assembly.


So for example I have part 'A' and it is used 4 times in assembly 01.

Part 'A' is then used in Assembly 02, 3 times.


Now when I create a component sketch for part 'A' I want to have a box that shows: -


The assembly mark where it was used and the quantities in each assembly. Then the total used in all assemblies 7 in total.


This way I don't have to keep making component sketches for the same part but in different assemblies.


An example is shown below, where the part marked P8239 has 2 required on assemblies 40600, 40602, 40603.


This give a total of 6 parts required marked P8239 wanted in total.



How would I set this up?




Mark (SolidWorks 2015 sp4)