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    Status Code 9????????

    Aaron Hayden
      Number nine, number nine..........

      Ok, I have a study that I have been running. I ran it successfully many times, however when I added gravity it fails with the following error:

      May not have addequate restranta
      No result saved

      Thanks in advance,
        • Status Code 9????????
          Miguel Cabada
          Hi Aaron,
          If you are running a single part, you may indeed have inadequaterestraints.  Perhaps try enabling "soft spring tostabilize model" in your study properties.   Thinkof your model as a 3d free body diagram  with loads andboundary conditions.   Review your restraints and makesure your part has adequate restraints to reach staticequilibrium.

          If you are running an assembly.  Perhaps you have 2 or moreparts that are not bonded together...i.e. the nodes are not mergedat their boundary.  And as a result one part is "flyingaway."  At times I have tried turing gravity waydown..such as .005 inch/s^2.  This may allow to solution toprogress further before the singularity results.  You can saveyour results and terminate the run.  Then show our modelhighly deformed. you can then see which parts are not properlyattached to each other via meshing or contact conditions.

          hope this helps