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Air Flow Analysis - Ductwork

Question asked by Daniele Teodori on Jul 27, 2015

Good Morning,



My name is Daniel and I need some information about the analysis and fluid dynamics with the SolidWorks Flow Simulation software.

My company works in the construction industry and we use Autodesk Revit software for modelling of ductwork for ventilation (rooms, open space, restaurants, hotels, museums, etc ...)



We would like to find a software that allows us to make a fluid dynamic analysis of air within the pipework/ductwork (from a AHU to the ventilation grille in the room).



I would like to ask the following questions:



1) Is it possible to import Revit models in SolidWorks and then work on them to make fluid flow analysis?

2) Is it possible to make an analysis of the pressure drop in the ductwork?

3) Is it possible to make an analysis for the velocity along the route of the ductwork?

4) Is it possible to make an analysis of air temperatures along the ductwork?





Thanks to all of you.

I've found this forum very useful!!!!