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I Need to make a 1/4 NPT thread - Actual, not cosmetic for 3D printing

Question asked by Rick McDonald on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by Rick McDonald

I have a part that has a 1/4 NPT Female thread that I want to 3D print.

I need to create the Actual thread, not a cosmetic thread so the printer will create the true thread.

I expect to run a 1/4 NPT tap in it to clean up the thread so I doesn't need to be perfect for 3D printing.

I am afraid that if I just create a hole and try to tap it that the threads will crack or the part will crack or split so it was suggested to me to either do this or purchase and install an insert (if I can find one).

However, the part doesn't have much space from the 1/4 NPT thread to other holes so an insert will likely be too large.

Has anyone Created this thread in a part that they could give me (or that portion of a part)  so I don't have to create the threaded, swept feature from scratch?