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Workgroup PDM add-in for 2015-2016 education edition?

Question asked by Sean Bailey on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by Jeff Holliday

So I ran in to a little snag today testing out the administrative image for the 2015-2016 SolidWorks Education Edition that the FIRST Robotics team I mentor will be using this year.


I installed Solidworks, as well as the x64 workgroup PDM client.  But when I go to Tools>Add-ins, there is no workgroup add in.  Explorer works fine, and I can see the vault, but obviously can't check in and out parts.  Am I an idiot?  Where did the add in for PDM go?


This edition of SW has some pretty big changes from the 2015 edition I use at work, and from the 2014-2015 student edition.  I know that Workgroup PDM will be replaced with some from of "enterprise PDM-lite" in 2016 - did this happen with the education edition?  Are student groups not able to use a PDM system this year (that would really ruin my plans)...


Any input would be helpful.  Thanks!