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    Directional Lights Turn Off Unexpectedly

    Andrew Johnson

      Since upgrading to SolidWorks 2015, I've had two co-workers have an issue where some lights in their assembly are turned off without their input (at least that we know of).


      The lighting setup in our assembly template includes 1 ambient light and 2 directional lights, all turned on. When this issue occurs, the ambient light remains on but the two directional lights are turned off.


      Is there a shortcut that I'm not aware of that might be doing this?



      I've noticed that even when I turn the lights on, the lights appear off in 'View Selector' mode (when View Selector cube is enabled). Sometimes when I select a view, it shuts off the lights in my assembly. Sometimes it doesn't.. Seems like a bug. Now I'm curious if anyone else is seeing this. I haven't found anything on the forums.


      Normal Lighting


      View Selector


      After Selecting View


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          Ron Chappell


          What version of SolidWorks 2015 are you using?

          I have tried to replicate your error in 2015 SP4 but I'm not seeing it the directional lights remain enabled.

          Could you attach your demo file for me to see if the problem is file related?

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              Andrew Johnson

              Thanks for offering to take a look, but I've already decided it is not file-related. It happens with files regardless of their origin. My company's part templates, SolidWorks example files, etc. All have this behavior. Also, after Paul's response I see that we are not alone. I've submitted the issue to my VAR. Hopefully there is a fix, or SolidWorks will fix in the future.

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              Paul Harvey

              I'm having the same issue, however for me it's only happening with part files rather than assemblies.


              I can't trigger the issue on command, but I have narrowed it down to changing the view via the view cube. If I disable the view cube function the issue doesn't occur no matter how many times I switch views, but with the view cube enabled the directional lights will switch off within the next 5-10 view changes.


              The other strange aspect is when I switch the directional lights back on again they're brighter than default, almost as if the template/environment settings have been altered.


              This has only started happening since upgrading from 2015 SP3 to SP4, and only occurs on our Windows 7 machines. Our Windows 8.1 machines running SP4 don't seem to have the issue.

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                  Andrew Johnson

                  Thanks for the confirmation that I'm not alone in this. With more testing I've realized that it happens with parts as well as assemblies. We had the issue prior to SP4, but we have upgraded to SP4 recently and it is still happening. Funny enough we are running all Windows 8.1 machines. So it seems like the common denominator is SolidWorks 2015 in general. I think you are right about the light settings being altered, I've also noticed the increased brightness when I turn them back on. I haven't looked at the values yet to confirm, though.


                  I've submitted the issue to my VAR.


                  Thanks again.

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                  Steve B.

                  Has anyone figured out why this is happening yet?  I'm having the same issue in SOLIDWORKS 2016.  The issue only seems to occur in parts/assemblies that have had the lights modified, if they aren't changed from the template default they stay on like they're supposed to.  I've also notices that some parts and assemblies have several Ambient lights listed, each with their own set of 3 directional lights.  As I understand it, it shouldn't be possible to have more than 1 Ambient and 3 Directionals...is SOLIDWORKS lighting just not very functional or am I the only one seeing this?

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                    Benjamin Rinauto

                    I'm having this issue in 2017.  It also turns on "perspective" mode.

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                      Keith Kozak

                      I've been having this issue since SW2016 and every release since.  I raised the issue with my VAR in 2016 and they submitted a Service Request to SW (SR# 1-12744129891).  The status as of today shows the SR as "Closed" and it's still happening in SW2018 so it looks like it's going nowhere.


                      This issue occurs multiple times per day and I have to go into Scene, Lights and Cameras to turn  Directional1, Directional2 and Directional3 back on.  I can't determine exactly the process that triggers this.  Sometimes it happens when I open a part from a sectioned assembly, or change views within a part, etc.  I have never adjusted lighting from the default settings.  It just seems to happen randomly for me.