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    Independent Viewports 2016 MBD

    Jakob Deslippe

      When creating custom templates in MBD where I have multiple independent view ports, I would like to be able to assign a specific view to each different view port. I am only allowed to to set one view port as independent which then sets all my view ports to the same view. It sure would be great to have the ability to assign multiple independent view ports based on how many view ports are in my template.

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          Oboe Wu

          Thanks, Jakob. Nice idea. We are looking into this.


          Another angle is to set appropriate views for view ports in published 3D PDF and save this setting with PDF document, which may be more flexible and targeted. Please stay tuned.



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              Alessandro Tornincasa

              Hi Oboe,

              any news on this request ?

              We had a couple of requests concerning this matter:

              - Given a number of 3D views that were created by user, would it be possible to publish a 3D PDF with each of those views placed on one sheet ?

              - Is it possible in MBD 2017 to set an independent view in the template that would match a 3D view with a given name ?

              Example: I have 3D view with a given name (e.g. FRONT). I create a template and I put an independent view on one sheet. The Independent view would be by default associated to a 3D view with the name "FRONT"), if not it would show active view.