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Solidworks unstable when launching and closing in batch mode

Question asked by Danny Bradford on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by Danny Bradford

Greetings all,


We have several batch processes that open, utilize and close Solidworks. We have these processes running on dedicated clients where there are no users involved and nothing to corrupt the settings.


This setup has been in place about a year now and I have been very impressed with the stability of the batch. Solidworks has done great. This was all with Solidworks 2013 SP07 (not 100% on the SP)


About a 2 months ago we upgraded to Solidworks 2015 SP02 and the stability has taken a nose dive. While Solidworks is open it functions fine. The issue comes in Launch and closing the application. We are constantly getting residual windows that say Solidworks has encountered an error and basically is crashing. It leaves the computer usually with the inability to continue with the batch processes and must be manually cleaned and restarted.


My question is this, has anyone else experienced this during their upgrade and if so what did they do to remedy the situation? Secondarily is anyone aware of anything that could cause this and know how to stabilize the process?


I am not doing anything magic:


For document closes:




            'close out any rubbish



And for closing the application:


        For Each prog As Process In Process.GetProcesses

            If prog.ProcessName = "SLDWORKS" Then


            End If