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    Robert Hill

      I know how to send a flattened part to DXF/DWG, but is there a way to send the flat view in a SolidWorks drawing to DXF/DWG?

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          Chris Mackedanz

          If you don't mind having the entire drawing being converted to DXF just do a file save as and change the type to dxf.


          We do this all the time for any sheet metal we need from our suppliers and they just grab the flat pattern out of the dxf for their laser cutter and punches and benders.  You can even right a macro to do it for you.

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            Daen Hendrickson



            We do something similar to Chris' process. We have a sheet format just for flat pattern blanks (water jet, laser cut, etc). This format has a minimalist title block and a 1" x 1" reference square. There is no border artwork. There is a single view for the flat pattern and the sheet / view scale is 1:1. Depending on size, the flat pattern edges may run off the paper but this is not an issue when exported.


            We add this sheet when necessary as an additional page to drawings and save it to DXF/DWG with the Save As process. When the drawing is imported to the CAM software the scale can be cross checked with the reference square and then the reference square and title block can easily be selected and removed leaving just the part outline.