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    Linked Drawing Sheets?

    Daniel Thompson

      I have a large Assembly that contains quite a few smaller sub assemblies, as of right now each sub assembly has its own drawing file containing all the parts in that sub assembly. What i am trying to do (or see if its even possible) is to create one major drawing file that contains all the sub assembly drawings. i am aware that you can start a new drawing and drag and drop, or copy and paste all the other sheets  into it, but is there a way to keep that sheet that you have now dropped into the new drawing linked with the old one, (ex. add a note to the page in the major drawing file, and it will be in the other as well? or something along those lines)

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          Martin MacDonald

          I don't think this is possible. As you said you can copy and paste drawing sheets from one to the other but this isn't providing any sort of link between the two. I guess it's the same as the difference between a derived sketch and a copied sketch. You're looking for a derived drawing sheet which unfortunately doesn't look like it exists. It could be a nice feature but generally it's either all within the one drawing or detailed separately. If you were going to combine them it would have to be when you are releasing them etc.