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Ordinate Dimensions With Incorrect Values

Question asked by Chris Iannone on Jul 23, 2015

I recently came across an issue with ordinate dimensions that has got me completely perplexed.  I have a complicated part that i would like to use ordinate dimensions on to keep the drawing clean but some of them are giving incorrect values.  The value they are reading is the straight line distance from origin, not vertically or horizontally.  They are showing the length of the vector from the origin to the vertex dimension-ed, not the the x and y coordinates.


I have deleted them and re-added, didn't work.  Deleted them, saved a new file, deleted the old file, re-saved to the old file name, and reinserted the dimensions, still not working.  When i place the dimensions, they show the correct measurement, but once i close and reopen the drawing they return to the incorrect measurement.  This only occurs on a few dimensions, not all of them, and it happens in both the vertical and horizontal ordinates.