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Exit boss extrude sketch brings up grey wireframe, no extrusion

Question asked by Erik Hagen on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by Mike Bullock



I'm new to the program, and am learning Solidworks 2015 over summer.  I'm following through the tutorials, and north of 75% of the time, when I make a fully defined extrusion sketch (even as simple as a rectangle or as 'complex' as the introductory revolve tutorial) and exit sketch, only a grey wireframe is left.  I do not receive the option to see an extrusion (if its a boss extrude sketch) or revolution (if it is a revolved boss sketch).  This seems to happen no matter what I do, and is extremely frustrating that regardless of tutorial there seems to be no information on what this is or how to fix it aside rebuilding the entire sketch from scratch and hoping that upon exit I can do something with it.


I have followed these tutorials to the letter and still find myself having to repeat most of them 2 to 3 times each.  For example, doing the simple 'Revolves and Sweeps' tutorial took 5 attemps and 3 hours, 'Lofts' took 3 attempts and 3 hours, and even Lessons 1 and 2, 'Parts' and 'Assemblies' took 4 attempts each.  As I'm following this to the letter at every single step of the way, I'm not sure that I'm doing anything wrong, but I don't doubt that I likely am as I haven't learned context of the basics from these tutorials, and may be missing unspoken good practices.


I have tried to find answers for this using google, with literally no grey frame related responses except for how to change the color of the frame.


If anyone has seen this before, please let me know, otherwise I'm completely stumped in even the first tutorials and can't spend time hoping the next ones work.


If anyone has had experience with SW2015 also trying to install the full program every single startup, please let me know as well, extremely frustrating.